Technician Accreditation – a key pillar for effective installations

In commercial construction, installing an effective termite management system demands technical proficiency. Achieving these skills requires structured training and real on-site experience. The Termimesh technician accreditation system provides architects commercial builders with uncompromised installations from trained experts.

Our Interactive Specification & Installation Package, is available as a download for you to keep. This useful pdf includes our Termite Management Specification along with all 150+ installation drawings, that Termimesh have developed. 


Working with architects and builders

The Termimesh System delivers proven termite control for architects and builders. Our installation expertise is central to the levels of protection we achieve.

“From WA to NSW, and up and down the east coast, our network offers architects and builders professional people with skill and experience that is unmatched. In the Termimesh System, installation training and onsite experience are just as important as our superior product.”  Mick Field - Termi Home & Commercial, Operations Manager, Central Coast NSW

Our people are also trained to understand the priorities of commercial architects and builders. They know the best practice required to achieve smooth, secure installations that deliver ongoing effectiveness on high-value commercial construction projects.


Our Technician accreditation system - a proven model

Termimesh technicians are accredited professionals who have successfully completed our thorough training modules. Their education and training include termite biology and behaviour, construction methods, the certified Termimesh System specifications, plus practical supervised experience on commercial building sites

There are 7 levels of accreditation that take our people from a Level 1 Trainee to a Level 7 System Development and Assessor.

The process involves extensive training, theory and practical exams as technicians progress to more complex and varied installation scenarios. Installing termite barriers on commercial construction sites can be complex with unique challenges. Our people are trained to understand each variable and have a solution ready to meet it.

“We have been investing in structured learning and supervised on-site training for decades. The expertise and efficiency that gives our teams are evident on-site. Our technicians understand commercial construction sites and potential challenges. Their training means they can meet the challenges and maintain the integrity of our system.” Clive Cumming - TMA Corporation, Director

Technicians of all levels are subject to internal audits by our parent company TMA Corporation, and certification is reviewed every 2 years. All documentation is controlled through TMA's certification to CodeMark and ISO 9001.


On-site commercial installations

The Termimesh System is only installed by our accredited technicians.  Our team around Australia is well prepared to work with builders and trades no matter what type of project. They take their work seriously and won’t compromise on quality. Yet they understand the priorities of ensuring a smoothly run construction site.

Our training and accreditation program is an important point of difference that gives architects and builders an extra source of security. The entire Termimesh installation process is anchored by our dedicated technicians who are committed to maintaining the integrity of the termite management system whilst integrating seamlessly with on-site teams.

We’re here to help architects and commercial builders understand our products, company and people and if you’d like to find out more please contact Termimesh anytime.

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