Termi Home & Commercial (Great Southern)


Termi Home & Commercial (Great Southern) proudly supplies termite control systems for new homes and commercial construction.

The Termimesh System is our proven stainless steel and poison-free termite control barrier for any type of new home or building. Backed by our exclusive Pledge No Dollar limit guarantee, the Termimesh System has been the preferred termite control method for many of Australia’s leading builders and architects for over 20 years. Only the Termimesh barrier uses superior durable TMA 725 grade stainless steel. Our track record in over 400,000 installations means peace of mind for homeowners and builders.

Termi Home and Commercial (Great Southern), formerly Smartbuilt Great Southern, has been installing the Termimesh System for over 15 years in the Great Southern area and is a preferred choice of termite protection for new homes with environmentally conscious builders and architects.

Our highly experienced design, scheduling and installation team work closely with builders and homeowners on the design and installation of the System no matter where and what type of construction you are undertaking. Our experienced staff can help with all your termite control needs.

You will be pleased to know we can provide prompt and efficient service in the following areas:  Albany and surrounds, Denmark, Mt Baker and Esperance. 

Through our Head office we are proud and long standing members of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and Master Builders Association (MBA).

We are also a Quality Endorsed company to ISO 9002.

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