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4 things you should know about protecting it from termites...

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Specifying your home's termite barrier is one of the most important decisions you will make when building your dream home.

Why is termite control important?
Termites are active in most areas in mainland Australia. Independent surveys show 34,000 homes will be attacked by termites each year. Unfortunately the average cost of damage is $10,000.

Is termite damage covered by insurance?
No. Check your home and contents insurance policy and you find damage by vermin (termites are classed are vermin) excluded. Insurance companies don't cover termite damage as the risk and cost is so high.

Do new homes have to be protected from termites?
Yes. Your builder is required to provide an approved form of termite protection as part of the building contract. The objective of an effective termite barrier is to deter concealed termite access from the ground. Check your contract and ask your builder what form of termite protection is included.

Do I have a choice in the type of protection provided?
Yes. Like all products in your home you can select the type of termite protection. A lot of builders do not discuss termite protection but it's your home and you only get one chance to choose an advanced termite barrier that offers ongoing protection.

I have used this company for the past few years. From the reception staff to the workers on site I have found them all to be extremely professional, reliable and punctual. Termimesh is a fantastic company and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Tennille Richardson