Termimesh for Architects and Designers

The Termimesh System uses an elegant product manufactured from superior marine grade stainless steel.

It works beautifully too, delivering a termite mesh barrier that is too fine for termites to crawl through and too tough to be chewed through. Being integrated into the construction of new homes and buildings, the Termimesh barrier seals off potential concealed termite entry points.

The Termimesh System is also poison free, safe and extremely effective. It boasts a worldwide proven record of installations with many major commercial projects including multi-residential apartments, schools, hospitals and retirement villages.

The Termimesh System is certified with CodeMark CM30012. Extensive quality control processes from manufacture to installation enable consistent installations in compliance with the requirements of the National Construction Code and to rigorous TMA Corporation standards.

Consider these additional features:

  • Proven durability from the use of high quality materials
  • Installed to Australian Standards
  • LEED rated by the US Green Building Council
  • Meets earthquake resistant construction criteria
  • Full range of installation specifications for commercial and residential construction
  • On site experience and supervision to ensure a smooth construction schedule with other trades
  • Backed by a national network to ensure consistent installation and post installation follow up
  • Unique Pledge Guarantee for commercial and residential construction
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Design remains innovative and without peer 

Note: The Termimesh System is a termite management system as defined in Australian Standard 3660.1 2014 Section 5. The purpose of a termite management system in new construction is to deter concealed entry from the soil into the building. Australian Standards also recommend regular termite inspections.

Contact your Local Centre for complete and specific technical information on the Termimesh System.

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