Termites are the silent destroyers of homes and have an incredible work ethic. They work 24 hours a day. Seven days a week, for years on end, building their colonies. They are powered by cellulose, a molecule found in deadwood, so naturally, termites love to feast on the abundance of timber found within your home. 

As a result, termites attack and severely damage one in five Australian homes every year and on average, they deliver $10,000 worth of damage to unsuspecting homeowners. Termites have a significant presence throughout mainland Australia, with most coastal Australian cities having a very high termite concentration.

So, how do you protect your new home from these hungry pests?

Home insurance is out of the question. Unlike storms or fires, termite damage can be actively avoided. Over the past decades, numerous measures have been developed to deter termites from entering homes. Three main measures combine to form what is called a termite management plan. Your plan will help ensure your new home has complete protection from termites. 

A robust termite management plan involves:

Choosing the correct termite management system for your new home is arguably the most important of these measures, as it will determine what you must do for the other two.

Keep this in mind

Selecting a termite management system starts with your home builder. They will specify their preferred system as a standard inclusion. However, it's important to keep in mind:

Choosing a termite management system you are comfortable with is very important, as once your home is complete, you won't be able to change it.

You have several options to choose from, each with pros and cons to consider and depending on which state or territory you are building in, some options won't be available. To ensure you have complete confidence that your home is protected from termites, research your available options and make an informed decision. 

Termimesh, a termite mesh barrier made from stainless steel, has protected over 500,000 Australian homes from termites. Termimesh also protects businesses, skyscrapers, airports and government projects worldwide.

So why do so many Australian homeowners entrust Termimesh to protect their new homes from termites?

Discover the unrivalled benefits of Termimesh that other termite management systems simply can't match below.

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Over the last 30 years, Termimesh has provided unrivalled termite protection for homeowners, businesses, industries and governments. They choose Termimesh because they value the benefits our termite management system delivers. Our customers understand that investing in a superior solution will help save them money, time and worry long into the future. So, what makes Termimesh unique from other termite management systems?


Superior Stainless Steel

It all starts with Termimesh being manufactured with our proprietary TMA725 stainless steel that well surpasses the Australian Standard. It contains double the amount of molybdenum of 316 stainless steel, allowing for superior resistance to harsh Australian climates. We've also had Termimesh extensively tested by the CSIRO, meet compliance with the Building Code of Australia and have CodeMark approval. 


Mistake-free installation

Termimesh is only installed by accredited technicians. Our accredited Termimesh technicians hold indispensable knowledge of the variables and installation techniques required for different construction styles. We do not allow unqualified third parties to install Termimesh. This ensures correct installation and avoids gaps within the system that could let termites into your home. 


Once-off installation, that's it!

Termimesh is a once-off installation completed through your home builder by an accredited Termimesh technician. We install Termimesh along the outer perimeter of your home and secure Termimesh collars around pipes coming through your concrete slab.


No retreatments, ever!

Once Termimesh is installed, you will never require a retreatment. This saves homeowners thousands of dollars, countless hours of time and eliminates any worry of termites destroying your home. 


No harmful chemicals, ever!

Having no retreatments means that you will have no exposure to harmful chemicals. Chemical termite barrier systems require technicians to reapply termiticide poisons every few years to ensure your home is fully protected. These harmful chemicals contaminate your ground soil, which is terrible for the environment and your family's well-being. Missing a single retreatment could put your home in jeopardy.


Backed by our industry-leading warranty 

Once Termimesh is installed in your new home, you can register your Pledge Guarantee*. Our unique Pledge Guarantee warranty provides you with extra security years after installation and includes:

  • A 10-year warranty with no compulsory annual termite inspections required to keep your warranty valid
  • No maximum dollar limit on warranty claims in the unlikely event of a claim, unlike other solutions that are backed by third parties
  • Unlimited extension to your warranty for every year you undertake a termite inspection

These combined benefits make Termimesh the first choice for hundreds of thousands of homeowners across Australia and the world. Receiving complete protection from Termimesh is simple. Just ask your builder for Termimesh. For more information about Termimesh, enquire above.

*Pledge Guarantee terms and conditions apply