Termite Protection Methods - Mesh Barriers & Installation Process

There are many termite protection methods you can use to ensure your home or commercial space is safe from termites. The Termimesh stainless steel termite barrier system provides you with the complete protection and peace of mind you need. The objective of our effective Termimesh termite barrier system is to deter concealed termite access from the ground. Crucial to a successful termite barrier installation is understanding that termites live underground, which means they attack homes from the soil and are generally unseen.

The Termimesh Termite Mesh Installation Process

Our termite barrier is designed and installed to block this concealed entry into the home or building.

A critical area requiring protection is around service pipes that extend through the concrete slab. Termiflanges are fixed to these pipes before the slab is poured, ensuring the mesh is embedded into the concrete and seals the gap between the pipe and the surrounding concrete.

Another critical area to be protected is the perimeter cavity wall of the home. To ensure Termimesh provides superior termite protection, the barrier is fixed to the concrete slab with our unique Termiparge adhesive and fitted across the cavity. It blocks termite entry up though this vulnerable area.

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Termimesh Accredited Installers

The Termimesh termite barrier installation process can only be undertaken by accredited and licensed installers. We have our own training and licensing program that ensures installations are always of the highest standard.

There are seven levels of installer accreditation, and all installers must pass both theoretical and practical tests at our Termimesh training facilities. The Termimesh Accreditation is valid for two years, and each installer must be independently evaluated to have their accreditation renewed. Our licensed Service Centres and individual installers undergo regular quality control checks by external assessors to ensure our high standards are maintained.

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