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Understanding the protection delivered by the new Termimesh Pledge Commercial Guarantee

The Termimesh Pledge Commercial Guarantee has the first 10 years of protection, without the need for annual termite inspections and with the opportunity for ongoing extensions. Warranties are complex and it can be easy to be misled by big promises. Here, we’ll explain how the Pledge Guarantee works, and things to look out for when assessing other warranties.

The Pledge Commercial Guarantee

The Pledge Guarantee is unique to Termimesh. It gives architects, builders and owners a level of security that can only come from a national company that has been installing and guaranteeing stainless steel termite mesh for such a long period of time in Australian and international markets.

For over 25 years Termimesh has issued meaningful and well trusted guaranties for commercial and residential construction projects, protecting not only the buildings themselves, but also the reputations of the architects and builders. In fact, Termimesh were the very first termite barrier supplier to issue a guarantee of substance that covers workmanship and materials, and consequential termite damage.

“Pledge is a strong word, based on trust and strength, that’s why we chose it for our guarantee. Long after project completion, the Pledge Guarantee helps protect our architects, builders, their liability and reputations, and that’s what really counts.“ - James Damianopoulos - TMA Corporation, Director & COO

It is fair to say that Termimesh have the most experience in this space and are well placed to share our knowledge with the sector.

The new Pledge

The Pledge Guarantee is unique to Termimesh and backed by an independent warranty fund. As part of our continuous improvement strategy, we have now upgraded the Pledge Commercial Guarantee to provide even stronger coverage. This already sector-leading and robust guarantee has been reviewed and made even stronger. 

We are here to help architects and commercial construction builders understand the key benefits, and how Pledge is different to other warranties in the commercial building sector.

“At Termimesh, protection starts with the materials and the integrity of the final Termimesh product and installation systems. Our protection ends with Pledge, a superior and highly secure guarantee that is the right match for the standard of our products.“ - Clive Cumming - TMA Corporation, Director

The Pledge Commercial Guarantee provides the strongest possible assurance for architects and builders who want true protection for their commercial construction projects.

The key benefits of the Pledge:

●  10 years upfront coverage of all materials and workmanship

●  No compulsory annual termite inspections during the first 10 years to keep the guarantee valid.

●  After the initial 10 years it can be extended with an annual termite inspection

●  No limit on the number of extension years

●  No limit on the value of claims payouts

●  Backed by the Termimesh Warranty Fund

To put it simply, the Pledge Commercial Guarantee is a minimum of 10 years but can be as long as 25, 30 or 60 years  plus! After the first 10 years, the building will be covered for as long as the owner continues with annual termite inspections.

The Termimesh Warranty Fund was established in 1994. As an independent, trustee managed fund, it does not rely on insurance companies. Coverage is ensured as Pledge is backed by the fund, even if the installing Service Centre changes ownership, or in the unlikely event it ceases operations.

This level of protection from a termite management system is best in its class.

It should be noted that annual inspections are recommended to detect any termite activity on site and identify areas of the system which may be at risk of bridging.  As with all warranties, conditions do apply.

Understanding the differences

In an environment where big claims and big figures are thrown around, it’s helpful to understand what lies behind the claims, and the true standard of the protection your building is getting.

For us and the builders and architects we partner with, true protection of the building over time is the most important thing.

The key factors to understand about the Pledge Guarantee are that for the first 10 years there are no compulsory annual termite inspections and it is extendable throughout the lifespan of the building. And, Pledge covers structural and secondary timber termite damage with no limit on the dollar amount claimed.

Most other termite barrier warranties require annual termite inspections of the property, and if those inspections are not met, the warranty is voided. It pays to make sure that the exact terms of these other warranties are understood, because often, central conditions like this are not communicated clearly.

With Pledge, the first 10 years of protection is guaranteed, without compulsory annual termite inspections. This is not standard with other suppliers and often the superficial language used to describe the terms of protection can be very misleading. Be wary of phrases like ‘10 year’s commercial advantage’, which is not a guaranteed term, and ‘onsite checks’ which are not the equivalent of a standards-compliant termite inspection.

It is also worth looking into the companies that supply the backing to the warranties offered by other suppliers. Termimesh is backed by the Termimesh Warranty Fund Pty Ltd, an independent, trustee managed fund that removes dependence on insurance companies. A guarantee is only really worth as much as the organisation that sits behind it, so spend the time to ask these important questions before committing.

Understand your level of protection

As with most things, standards and outcomes vary greatly from company to company, from product to product, and from guarantee to guarantee.

Our best advice is to spend a small amount of time understanding the full details, and if you are dealing with someone else, please, use Termimesh and the Pledge guarantee as your benchmark and point of comparison.

In the end, the most important defining outcome is simple - That the architects, builders, owners and investors have a building that is well protected upon completion and for many years into the future. That’s where protected reputations and peace of mind come from.

If you have questions about the Termimesh Pledge Commercial Guarantee, contact your local Termi Home and Commercial/ Termimesh Service centre, where you’ll find experienced people, ready to help.

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