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Understanding accredited installation on commercial building sites

The Termimesh System provides architects, builders and investors with comprehensive termite control that has achieved recognition from leading architects around the world. Central to our levels of protection is our installation expertise. Termimesh installers are accredited professionals and follow a multi-stage process of learning that combines knowledge on termite behaviour, construction methods and the Termimesh System together with practical experience on commercial building sites.

Accreditation based on onsite experience

The installation experience of Termimesh installers comes from commercial building sites across Australia. 

Our people are trained and experienced to understand the priorities of commercial architects and builders and have learned the best-practice processes required to achieve smooth and secure installations that deliver full protection on high-value commercial construction projects.

“From Perth to Sydney, and up and down the east coast, the network offers architects and builders expert people with unrivalled skill levels. We are just as much about installation education and onsite experience as we are about a superior product that delivers security and protection.” - Mick Field - Termi Home & Commercial, Operations Manager, Central Coast NSW

An overview of Termimesh installer accreditation 

There are seven levels of the Termimesh System installer accreditation program that takes our installers from Level 1 Trainee to Level 7 System Development and Assessor. 

Our process involves extensive training, practical and theoretical examinations with each level providing education on progressively more complex and varied installation scenarios. 

Commercial construction is complex, with a wide range of potential variations and unique challenges. Any one of these can introduce a compromise to the system, and our people are trained to understand each variable, and have an installation solution ready to deploy.

“Our investment in time, resources and learning has been ongoing for years, and it shows on the ground. Thanks to our training and accreditation systems, our installers understand commercial construction sites, and the variety of challenges that present themselves. They are equipped to meet those challenges and maintain the integrity of our solutions.” Tony Sala - TMA Corporation, Director

Installers of all levels are subject to internal audits by TMA. Certification is reviewed every 2 years. All relevant documentation is controlled through TMA's certification to CodeMark and ISO 9001.

Termimesh technicians

Only trained, accredited technicians are permitted to install the Termimesh System, and because they understand termites and construction they are well prepared to work closely and effectively with builders and trades on site.

Termimesh installers can demonstrate the potential danger zones and pitfalls, they take their work seriously and won’t compromise on quality.

Termimesh accredited installers have all undergone structured training that includes:

  • Termite behaviour

  • Commercial construction methods & residential too

  • Installation specifications

  • Mandatory accreditation

  • Performance criteria

  • 7 progressive levels

  • Quality control inspections

The 7 levels of Termimesh Installer Accreditation

We established a comprehensive training and accreditation program for installers of the Termimesh System. The System can only be installed by installers licensed through this accreditation program. We have the most extensive and thorough accreditation system, and it is an important point of difference, and extra source of security to architects and builders.

Read on to gain a full understanding of our 7 stage accreditation process and the learning on the Termimesh system, practical skills and onsite experience our installers are taken through as they progress through the program.

Level 1

To achieve Level 1, the installer completes theory from the Training and Reference Manual and has demonstrated a sound knowledge of:

  • Understanding termites

  • Termimesh System

Their learning achievement is determined via an examination on completion of the 2 day training course. With a Level 1 accreditation, our installers can then assist on site and perform techniques while directly supervised by an accredited (minimum Level 3) installer.

Level 2

Level 2 is achieved on completion of the 2 day training course, where the installer has been instructed on techniques and the positioning of the mesh.

The installer will have learned, understood and achieved the following:

  • Understanding termites

  • Background & introduction to the Termimesh System

  • Workshop demonstration & practice of installation techniques

  • Exam & critique to confirm comprehension

On completion of the Level 2 training course trainees are allowed to:

  • Install standard penetrations unsupervised (excluding blockouts or cold joints)

  • Install mesh assisting an accredited installer (minimum level 3)

  • Install mesh to the extent of completing an installation alone subject to a final check by an installer (minimum level 3)

Level 3

The Level 3 trainee has successfully completed Levels 1 and 2 and demonstrated on site a consistent ability to install the Termimesh System to the standard of quality set by TMA Corporation.

Once onsite accreditation is achieved, the installer is then qualified to undertake installations that are recognised in the Service Centre as local installation types.

Level 4

Level 4 is achieved through additional experience on more varied construction types. The increased level of variation enables installers to develop expertise and understanding of what is required to install the mesh successfully in more complicated construction scenarios. 

Level 5

Level 5 moves our installers into positions where they are supervising other installers and work sites. A Level 5 installer is a person able to demonstrate a higher than normal skill of workmanship and knowledge of the Termimesh System. 

They are capable of: 

  • Supervising & organising other installers

  • Problem solving on site & off plans

  • Have leadership ability & decision making re proper procedures

  • Take responsibility for correct & successful project delivery 

  • Familiarity with, & capable of assessing lower levels using the Installer Evaluation Report 

Accreditation to Level 5 must be approved by TMA Corporation.

Level 6

The Level 6 trainer must have all the attributes of the lower levels of accreditation, be able to teach trainees these qualities and relate all the knowledge and techniques from the Training and Reference Manual. Trainers at this level must also have training and teaching skills, demonstrate patience with trainees and must enjoy working with people.

Above all, a Level 6 trainer must have a commitment to performing quality installations and be able to communicate that commitment to trainees.

Accreditation to Level 6 must be approved by TMA Corporation.

Level 7

The Level 7 trainer must be qualified through Levels 1 to 6 and have a full understanding and ability to develop and design installation specifications for a full range of construction types. 

Accreditation to Level 7 must be approved by TMA Corporation.

The Termimesh system is comprehensive. It starts with our product and finishes with our Pledge Commercial Guarantee. In the middle, are the people who are highly trained in this sector and well qualified to be of maximum value to architects and builders on commercial construction projects and sites across Australia.

We’re here to help architects and commercial builders understand our products, company and people. If this article has inspired you to find out more about Termimesh commercial termite protection, our people are here to help. Please contact us anytime.

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