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How Termiparge completes the Termimesh System

Termimesh has been the unquestionable leader in pre-construction stainless steel termite barriers for over 30 years. The system has been tested and proven in every conceivable construction environment over this time, and we have absolute confidence in the knowledge that our barrier provides the superior protection architects and construction professionals are looking for to safeguard their investments.

Termimesh. A complete system

The Termimesh System is a combination of superior quality materials, thoroughly researched installation techniques and licensed and accredited installers.

The primary component of the system is our proprietary grade TMA725 stainless steel mesh barrier, which as we have discussed in previous articles is superior to marine grade 316 stainless steel, due to the higher molybdenum content which has remarkable corrosion resistance properties not found elsewhere. However, the system is not complete without our bonding agent Termiparge, which adheres the mesh to the building substrate.

Combined with our superior grade stainless steel mesh and clamps, as well as our parge, the Termimesh system has proven itself since inception, to be the most effective, secure and technically advanced termite barrier for new homes and commercial construction.

“As the first company in Australia to develop a pesticide free termite solution we take pride in the longevity our product has had in what has become a particularly competitive industry. The time and effort our team has invested to ensure our product stands by its claims cannot be overstated. Our commitment to our clients is unquestionable.” Clive Cumming, TMA Corporation Director

In this article we’ll give you the knowledge to help you make an informed decision based on a clear understanding of the Termimesh System, and our focus on long term protection.

Understanding parge

To parge coat a surface is the reference to the application of a thin layer of a cementitious or polymeric mortar mix to masonry for the improvement of the substrate mechanically, aesthetically or both.  Parge is the verb for parget.  Pargeting is an English county term associated with the decorative and waterproofing attributes of buildings.  Pargeting is usually trowel applied with ornamental patterns pressed onto the surface.

Termiparge is a cementitious adhesive comprised of a proprietary formula developed by TMA Corporation (our Termimesh parent company) which is applied in such a way that it forms an adhesive bond through the stainless steel mesh which very effectively secures the barrier it to the building surface.

The formula allows generous usage time after mixing, is easy to apply by brush or trowel and it works across all of Australia’s climates, from sub-zero to tropical environments.  The most important property of an adhesive, as an element of the Termimesh System, is that it too must be impervious to termites.

This property of Termiparge is tantamount to the additional security that architects and construction professionals desire to have when specifying Termimesh to ensure the integrity of the termite barrier system in totality.

While the properties that an adhesive material must have are set out in the Australian Standards, our bonding agent Termiparge surpasses these requirements. The adhesive properties fulfil both the need of low build, for use to bond the stainless steel Termimesh System components, and high build where Termiparge can be used to fill spaces or voids that would otherwise be vulnerable to being compromised by termites.

Termiparge is used to bond all the components of the Termimesh System in the numerous configurational specifications that are found in residential and commercial construction.

In fact, we have over 150 installation specification drawings available to assist architects in specifying Termimesh and we are more than happy to help in marking up plans or giving guidance to where the termite management system is positioned in the building plans.

Research and Development

Not all bonding agents are created equal.  Termiparge has been rigorously tested by independent research institutions to withstand prolonged exposure to the diverse range of building environments. We take the protection of our clients’ projects seriously and have not compromised on the development of any aspects of our components.

This has been achieved by intensive research and development in the chemistry that underpins the technology of our system.  This also became a key aspect of the historical series of Termimesh System patents granted across numerous countries in five continents.

The subjection of Termiparge to extensive contact and attack over extraordinary long periods, under tropical field conditions, to the most aggressive species of Australian of termites showed no signs of damage or failure.  The species include the notable Mastotermes darwinensis and Coptotermes acinaciformis taxonomic ranks.  This confirmed the termite resistance properties of Termiparge, which were designed around hardness and joint integrity. 

Termiparge forms a strong bond between the Termimesh stainless steel barrier with the cured parge being sufficiently flexible to maintain the adhesive properties and termite resistance in all construction environments.

“R&D is the life-line to all businesses that are technology based and we are no exception. We maintain a considerable investment in our technology to ensure we have and continue to have the most effective components in our system. The intellectual property we have as a company illustrates our commitment to be the leader in our field. We take our responsibility to our clients very seriously and we have trailed a distinct path over the nearly 30 years since inception with the continuous refinement of the Termimesh System so that it is second to none.” Tony Sala, TMA Corporation Director

The value of the system

Termiparge is unique because it has been designed with the single intention of being a termite barrier it its own right. It more than meets the basic requirements of the Australian Standard and is an integral part of the Termimesh System as a whole.

Other mesh barrier suppliers cannot match our claims because they simply have not undertaken the research and development that we have nor can they prove their effectiveness. Our mission is to provide architects and builders with suitable information so they can understand the risks that poorly considered termite management poses to their commercial projects.  We are driven to deliver the highest level of protection to our client’s investments.

When it comes to innovation backed by stringent research protocols, the Termimesh System which is made up of high molybdenum alloy stainless steel, multi-featured Termiparge and stainless steel clamps selected for superior mechanical properties, there is no equal.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have questions or challenges. We are here to help.

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