The Pledge Guarantee – Industry Leading & Unique

Our Pledge Guarantee* is the market leader with the outstanding protection and reassurance it provides homeowners and builders. No other termite barrier can match the Pledge benefits.

When it comes to termite management systems, it is important for homeowners, architects and commercial builders to understand the differences between the warranties offered by various suppliers. It pays to understand what lies behind the warranty. 

The most important difference is that only Pledge delivers the first 10 years of protection without the need for compulsory annual termite inspections, plus you get the opportunity for indefinite ongoing extensions, protecting you for the life of the building.

Other suppliers may use superficial and misleading language to describe their warranties. Most require termite inspections of the property annually, rendering the warranty void if not completed. Meaning a 50 year warranty dependant on annual inspections is effectively only a one year warranty.

We encourage all property owners, architects and builders to understand the details, and suggest you use Termimesh and the Pledge Guarantee as your quality benchmark.

Our Pledge - 10 Years Upfront

With over half a million installations and properties protected in the past 30 years, the effectiveness of the Termimesh System is beyond doubt. This level of confidence allows us to give property owners extraordinary cover and support.

The Pledge Guarantee has an initial term of 10 years upfront. No compulsory annual termite inspections required to keep the guarantee valid.

Our Pledge - No Dollar Limit

Traditionally, suppliers of termite barriers have put a maximum dollar limit on warranty claims against their products. We are so confident in the protection offered by the Termimesh System, we provide no limit to the value of repairs to structural and secondary timbers in the unlikely event of a claim.

Our Pledge – Extendable With No Limit

And as an added benefit, the Pledge Guarantee can be extended by 1 year either during the initial ten years or during any extended term, with an approved termite inspection by your installing Service Centre. Even better, there is no limit on the number of years it can be extended.

Our Pledge - Our Own Warranty Fund

Not only is Pledge unique to the Termimesh System, it has the backing of the Termimesh Warranty Fund. This independent fund means Pledge does not depend on external organisations, making the guarantee secure for much longer than you’ll ever need to worry about. 

The Termimesh Warranty Fund was established in Australia in 1994 and has an outstanding track record. The Pledge Guarantee is a reflection of our belief in the Termimesh System and our commitment to homeowners, architects and builders.


*Terms and Conditions apply. The Pledge Guarantee covers breaching of the Termimesh System. Bridging of the barrier by termites is not covered. For more information please contact your local Service Centre. We are happy to answer all your questions.

The Pledge Guarantee was only available for full residential Termimesh System installations as from 1 July, 2011. Click here for information about warranties covering Termimesh installations prior to that date.

To find out more about the Termimesh Pledge Guarantee, contact your local Service Centre. Our experienced people are here and ready to help.

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