Specify True Protection

We have developed over 150 Installation specification diagrams to assist architects in specifying Termimesh. Delivering the true and proven protection that comes with the backing of premium materials, trusted performance and good people who understand commercial construction.

Our Interactive Specification & Installation Package, is available as a download for you to keep. This useful pdf includes our Termite Management Specification along with all 150+ installation drawings, that Termimesh have developed. 


Technical and Onsite Experience

Termimesh product and installation practices are technically superior to any other mesh option because of our tightly controlled manufacturing standards and highly evolved installation specifications.

We understand exactly where to install mesh to ensure the ongoing protection of the building. Our specifications and installations cover all vulnerable points and we guarantee that they are termite proof. We have never taken shortcuts with our installations, and never will. Simply put, our installations are effective because we invented stainless steel mesh termite barrier and have spent over 25 years refining our processes.

There is no substitute for on the job experience and every builder knows that.


Helping Architects and Builders

We are committed to helping the teams we work with by making the process as simple as possible.

  • All of our installation specifications are CodeMark compliant.
  • We help with the design and installation of the System to meet specific requirements on every project.
  • Ensure protection of termite entry points e.g. service penetrations, control and cold joints, retaining walls and perimeter cavity walls.
  • Provide marked up installation plans.
  • Book pre-start meetings.
  • On-going on site supervision of the install process.


Examples of the specifications designs available include:

  • 21 types of Perimeter protection
  • 7 types of Service Penetration protection (Termiflange)
  • 10 types of Zero Boundary construction
  • 5 types of Tilt-Up slab construction
  • 9 types of Retaining Walls
  • 5 types of Concrete Wall Construction Joints
  • 11 types of Abutting Paths and Driveways
  • 7 types of Rendered Walls
  • 10 types of Control Joints

Should you require a custom specification diagram we will happily assist. Simply contact your Local Service Cente for more information.

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